Revolutionize Your Shaving Routine with Estrid’s New Vegan Body Care

Estrid new body care line

Estrid, renowned for its vibrant, vegan, and cruelty-free shaving solutions, has once again set the bar high with the launch of its new body care essentials. Designed to enhance the shaving experience from start to finish, this trio of products ensures a smooth, nourishing, and delightful grooming ritual for all skin types.

The Trio for a Complete Shaving Experience from Estrid

Estrid’s latest body care line introduces three innovative products, each serving a unique purpose in the shaving routine, making them the ideal companions to the Estrid razor. These include:

All Glowed Up Sugar Scrub: Crafted with vegan ingredients, this sugar scrub exfoliates gently, preparing the skin for a close shave without causing dryness.

Watermelon Jelly Shower + Shave Gel: A versatile, two-in-one shower jelly and shaving gel that not only cleanses the skin but also provides a smooth glide for the razor.

Body Fluff Daily Moisturizer: To conclude your shaving ritual, this moisturizer deeply nourishes and soothes the skin, ensuring it remains hydrated and radiant.

Empowering Routine for EveryBody

Estrid champions a shaving routine that boosts confidence and caters to every skin type, including those with sensitivities.

 The streamlined three-step process involves:

  • Preparing the skin with The Essential Exfoliant
  • Nourishing during the shave with The Ultimate Shave Gel
  • Hydrating post-shave with The Everyday Body Lotion

This comprehensive approach addresses not just the needs of individuals who shave but also those seeking a holistic body care regimen.

Flexible Shaving Subscription

Understanding the diverse needs of its users, Estrid offers a flexible shaving subscription service. This includes a durable steel handle razor available in a variety of colors, complete with vegan-sensitive strips and a clever wall mount. The subscription model allows users to adjust, pause, or cancel their subscription as needed, providing ultimate control over their shaving supplies.

Innovations and Additions

Further enhancing its product range, Estrid introduces three new razor colors—cactus, moss, and guava—heralding a fresh era for the brand. Additionally, the body care products boast innovative formulas:

The Essential Exfoliant combines avocado oil, lava rock, and hibiscus flower to combat ingrown hairs and irritation.

The Ultimate Shave Gel features a gel-to-cream texture with shea butter, niacinamide, and sea moss, ensuring the skin remains moisturized and soothed.

The Everyday Body Lotion is a lightweight, radiance-enhancing moisturizer that alleviates redness and leaves the skin glowing.

Estrid’s dedication to creating high-quality, natural products shines through with this latest launch, reaffirming its commitment to providing exceptional care for all skin types and preferences. For more details on Estrid’s products and subscription services, visit their website.

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