How to Choose a Gaming PC: All You Need to Know in One Guide

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In the dynamic realm of gaming, a powerful gaming PC can be the key to unlocking immersive experiences, stunning graphics, and seamless gameplay. 

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of PC gaming, this guide will explore the intricacies of gaming PCs. 

Gaming PC: The Heart of Ultimate Gaming Experience

A gaming PC is not just a computer. It’s a portal to worlds filled with breathtaking graphics, intense battles, and limitless possibilities. 

These specially designed systems are equipped with high-performance components to handle the demands of modern games. They can deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

Best Gaming PC Options

Choosing the best device involves considering factors like graphics performance, processor speed, and overall build quality. 

Some of the top contenders in the market include gaming PCs from well-known brands such as:

  • Alienware Aurora R15
  • Lenovo Legion Tower 5i Gen 8 tech specs
  • HP Victus 15L specs
  • HP Omen 25L tech specs
  • Corsair Vengeance i7400 tech specs
  • MSI. 

These systems often boast cutting-edge graphics cards, powerful processors, and advanced cooling systems to ensure optimal performance during extended gaming sessions.

Which one stands out as the top choice?

The Alienware Aurora Ryzen R15 claims the title of the best gaming PC overall. That is excelling in CPU performance, RAM capacity, GPU capabilities, and storage capacity. 

If you’re a content creator, the MSI Aegis RS emerges as the optimal choice. While the HP Omen 25L takes the crown for the best gaming PC under $1500.

Looking for a powerhouse graphics card? 

The MSI Infinite RS secures its place as the gaming PC with the best graphics card. Meanwhile, for those seeking a compact option, the MSI MPG Trident AS stands out as the best choice for a compact gaming PC.

Alienware Aurora R15


i9-13900KF (24 Cores), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 16GB

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03/18/2024 02:20 pm GMT

HP Omen 25L Gaming Desktop PC GT15-0015na


 AMD Ryzen™ 5-5600G Processor | 16GB HyperX DDR4 RAM | 1TB SSD

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03/18/2024 02:37 pm GMT

Corsair Vengeance a8100 Series Gaming PC


Liquid Cooled AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU - 4TB (2X 2TB) M.2 SSD

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03/18/2024 04:27 pm GMT
We earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Gaming PC Bundles: All-in-One Gaming Solutions

For those looking to dive into gaming without the hassle of individually selecting components, gaming PC bundles offer a convenient solution.

These packages typically include the essentials like a PC, keyboard, mouse, and sometimes a monitor. 

Bundles provide a streamlined approach, ensuring that all components are compatible and optimized for an immersive experience.

Cheap Gaming PC: Affordable Power for Every Gamer

Not everyone is ready to invest a substantial amount in a gaming rig, and that’s where cheap gaming PCs come into play. Budget-friendly options can still deliver solid gaming performance, offering a gateway to the gaming world without breaking the bank. 

Brands like CyberPowerPC and SkyTech have gained popularity for providing affordable gaming PCs that deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

How to Choose the Right PC

It’s important to consider several factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with future upgrades. 

  • Firstly, make sure to select a gaming PC with a processor released within the last five years to ensure adequate power.

Whether you prefer Intel or AMD, choosing a slightly older CPU can offer cost savings without compromising performance. 

When it comes to graphics cards, the latest RTX 40 series cards are not necessary for an optimal gaming experience. 

Instead, prioritize VRAM capacity and DirectX support over chipset generation. A card with a higher VRAM capacity may outperform a newer card with less VRAM, especially if your games require higher VRAM usage. 

  • Next, consider the power supply. For DIY enthusiasts, make sure your power supply has enough capacity to safely run all components.

Allocate around 20% more power than anticipated to accommodate potential extra power requirements from the GPU or CPU, offering a built-in margin for safety. 

Gaming PCs come in full-sized, mid-size, and miniATX towers. 

Full and mid-sized towers can host similar components. But miniATX cases require specially designed graphics cards and motherboards due to their compact size. When selecting the tower type, consider the potential for future component upgrades. 



G16CH-71370F050W i7-13700F Tower Intel® Core™ i7 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM 1 TB SSD

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03/18/2024 05:08 pm GMT

ADMI Gaming PC: Intel Core i5-13400F CPU


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 | 32GB 3200MHz | 600mbps WiFi | 1TB NVME SSD | MSI 100R

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03/18/2024 06:01 pm GMT

ADMI | Gaming PC, Intel 12400F

£839.95 £799.95

RTX 4060 Graphics Card, 16GB 3200MHz DDR4, 1TB SSD, White Mesh RGB Gaming Case

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03/18/2024 05:13 pm GMT
We earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.
  • Finally, consider the cooling system. High-end gaming PCs require more power and efficient cooling.

Liquid-cooled CPUs offer safer overclocking and sustained high-capacity performance. It’s making them ideal for users, such as content creators, running CPU-intensive programs simultaneously. 

Choosing a pre-built PC involves a comprehensive evaluation of CPU specifications, graphics card capabilities, power supply capacity, tower type compatibility, and the effectiveness of the cooling system.

By carefully considering these factors, gamers can ensure that they are chosen.

Prebuilt Gaming PC: Ready to Play Out of the Box

For those who prefer a hassle-free experience, prebuilt gaming PCs are an attractive option. These systems come fully assembled and configured, allowing users to jump into gaming right away without the need for technical know-how. 

Companies like Origin PC and NZXT offer prebuilt gaming PCs that cater to various performance levels, ensuring there’s an option for every gamer.


As gaming continues to evolve, the demand for powerful and accessible gaming PCs remains at the forefront.

Whether you’re in search of the best PC with top-of-the-line specifications, a gaming PC bundle for a complete setup, a cheap one for budget-conscious gaming enthusiasts, or a prebuilt PC for immediate gameplay, the market has a solution for every need. 

Investing in the right gaming PC opens the door to a world of unparalleled visuals, smooth gameplay, and an immersive experience that truly comes to life.

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