Microsoft Office 2024: Key Upgrades and the Office’s Future

microsoft office 2024

Microsoft is shaking up the world of productivity software with the announcement of Office 2024. This new release offers a traditional one-time purchase option, promising a sense of ownership and control for those who prefer to avoid subscriptions. Let’s delve into the key upgrades and what this means for the future of Microsoft Office.

Goodbye Subscription? Office 2024 Embraces One-Time Purchases

In a surprising move, Microsoft is bringing back the option to buy Office 2024 outright. This stands in contrast to the company’s push towards the subscription-based Microsoft 365. However, there’s a catch: Office 2024, like its LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) counterpart, will receive support for five years. After that, it may become a security risk due to a lack of critical updates.

Key Details About Microsoft Office 2024

  • Launch: Expected in 2024
  • Support: Five years of updates
  • Pricing: No changes expected compared to previous standalone versions
  • Availability: Both Windows and macOS versions planned
  • Compatibility: Windows 10 (excluding ARM devices) and 32-bit systems supported

The Subscription vs. Standalone Dilemma

While Office 2024 might be tempting, remember that the latest and greatest features are typically reserved for the subscription-based Microsoft 365. Those who opt for 2024 will primarily receive security updates and bug fixes.

What’s New and What’s Missing

Microsoft hasn’t revealed specific feature upgrades yet, but we know that the Office LTSC 2024 preview (out in April 2024) won’t include Microsoft Publisher. Additionally, Teams will be a separate download.

Let the Countdown Begin

While we await more details about Office 2024’s features, one thing’s for sure: Microsoft is catering to users who crave the familiarity of a one-time software purchase. The question remains – is this a glimpse into the future of Office, or merely a concession to those resistant to the subscription model?

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